Use or Lose Your Dental Benefits!

2019 is passing by us at a rapid pace and it is now the time of year to start thinking about your dental benefits. If you and your family have dental insurance then make sure you are using your dental benefits before the end of the year. If you dont, then you are wasting money! They expire each and every year so here at Sealy Dental Center in Sealy, TX we want to ensure that you are not throwing hard-earned money away!

In order to use your benefits, call our office at 979-885-4856 and make an appointment to reserve you a spot before the end of the year. The holidays are a busy time of year so make sure you are proactive and get a spot for you and your family today. During your visit, Dr. Zboril and our other highly trained dentists will give you an exam, x-ray, and cleaning if necessary and go over any dental treatment plans that may be necessary.

Make sure to use your benefits by December 31st, we look forward to seeing you!