Dentures and Partials

Dentures and partials replace missing teeth and can be removed from ones mouth. They are supported by the gums, underlying bone and any remaining teeth. Dentures and partials can take a few days of a few weeks to become comfortable and may require adjustments from time to time.


Complete Dentures (Removable): We all teeth are missing, Sealy Dental Center often recommends dentures. Dentures are supported by the gums.

Partial (Removable): Partials are a prosthetic that is supported by the gums and remaining teeth. This is usually much more stable than removable dentures, because the remaining teeth help support the prosthetic.

Removable Prosthetic/Implants: Also known as Implant Supported Dentures, this prosthetic offers patients much more stability, especially when no teeth are left in the patients mouth. First, your dentist will install implants surgically, then the removable prosthetic can be installed by snapping in place.