5 Foods That Are Great For Your Teeth!

Have you ever wondered what are foods that are good for my teeth? We always hear what not to eat from dentists, so let’s look at what benefits certain super foods have on our teeth health. It’s great to avoid candy but there are several foods you can eat to help build healthier teeth and gums, prevent tooth decay and gum disease, as well as keep your mouth and smile looking young and beautiful for life. Here are 5 super foods you need to add to your diet, if they are not there already.


Yes, dark chocolate is a super-food for teeth! But, not all chocolate, the 70% cacao is what you need to eat. Why is it so good, besides the taste? There is a compound called CBH which, according to tests, helps to harden tooth enamel, making you less susceptible to tooth decay. It may even prevent cavities, so be on the look out for the addition of CBH in your toothpaste in the near future.

Say “Cheese”

The ability to combat acid erosion of teeth is what makes cheese a super-food. When we eat meals consisting of breads, citrus, sweets and soda pop, our teeth are exposed to acid which leads to tooth decay. Eating a piece of cheese after a meal counteracts this acid left behind. We recommend sheep or goat’s milk cheeses versus cow’s milk cheese becuase it is better for you and digestion.

Salmon, Yes Please!

Calcium protects your teeth and gums from disease, but without enough vitamin D in your diet, that calcium cannot be fully absorbed. Fatty fish is a great source of getting the proper amount of Vitamin D. Supplements for vitamin D, 5000 iu per day, is another great way to add this critical vitamin to your diet


So, your dentist always warned you of acidic foods, but oranges are actually a super food! The vitamin C in oranges strengthens blood vessels and the connective tissue slowing down the progression of gum disease by reducing inflammation.

It’s best to not brush your teeth immediately after eating oranges or other citrus fruits. Enjoy a glass of sparkling water to reduce the acid, but not remove all together. We recommend waiting 30 minutes to brush teeth after a meal or eating acidic food.


Water makes up 99.5% of your saliva. High levels of water is essential to properly break down the foods we eat. By neutralizing acid, this will help prevent tooth decay. Low levels of water or dehydration thickens saliva thus reducing bacterial acid in the mouth. So, drink plenty of water!

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